Blackstone Chronicles

Info on the Insane John Saul
1.  Start a new game
2.  Go up the stairs and head to the left into the office
3.  After discovering the password for the computer use it to gain access to patient records
4.  Type the Author of the book John Saul
5.  Read and laugh.

Names From The Credits
1.  As you know, you can enter the names of patients at Blackstone Asylum
2.  But, there are 6 secret patients!
3.  Here they are below:
4.  Scott Evans (From Mindscape, Producer)
5.  Sam Clifford (Mindscape, Associate Producer)
6.  Bob Bates (Legend Entertainment, Design and Writing Co-Producer)
7.  Jim Montanus (LE, Technical Lead Co-Producer)
8.  John Saul (Special Thanks)
9.  Mike Sack (Special Thanks)
10. Laugh (Or smile)

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