Black Dahlia

Mini Movies

1.  Movie 1:  (anywhere)
2.  Spin around quickly in any direction.
3.  You'll see a short video of Jim Pearson
4.  Movie 2:  (Santini home)
5.  Hold shift when exiting the room, after the mother has left
6.  You'll see a short video of Santini's mother and a large firearm.
ABC Shipping

In ABC's office, when clicking through the files in the file cabinet, click the wrong file 13 times.  You will get a mini movie of Jim looking at you and saying "Do you have any idea what you are doing? etc."

Prank Calls

When you are in your room at Sunset Arms Hotel :
1.  Click on the phone
2.  Click on yourself
3.  "That's me , Jim Pearson !"
1.  Click on the phone
2.  Hold "SHIFT"
3.  Click on yourself
4.  Prank Call!

Drinking Wine
1.  Get to the scene where Jim enters the underground wine cellar after finding (and losing) the Dahlia in the German bunker.
2.  Go forward towards the steps.  There's a wine rack there.
3.  Shift-Left-Click on any bottle of wine in the rack.
4.  Watch the movie.

Santini Residence

1.  At the Santini Residence, after the mother has left, hold down shift and exit the room


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