"Haunting At Cliffhouse"

A Gothic Adventure Game


Your husband is dead in a tragic accident.  Your life seems pointless and without direction.  Lost in your sadness, you find an invitation to Cliffhouse Bed and Breakfast, a sanctuary of peace and serenity in your time of grief.  It seems like an idyllic retreat from the world... a place to unwind, relax and let go of the misery that haunts you.  But from the moment you ring the check-in bell, you are thrown into a world of mystery, family secrets and tragic history that will take you through time to unravel the buried scandals of the long-dead family dynasty who shaped the very coastline on which you stay.  Logging and love, mythology and magic, art and artifice; all conspire to turn your dream into a nightmare.

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Front of House

Japanese Garden


Night Scene



Fun Interactive Puzzles

Fish Matching

Assemble Picture

Assemble Picture

Music Samples

House on the Hill

Memories of You

A Haunting

Video Samples

Traditional point-and-click navigation and interactivity
1st Person Perspective
Full Screen Graphics

Fully Voiced Characters

System Requirements:
Pentium or Higher Processor
64 Mb RAM
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, or Windows 7 with DirectX 5 or Above
Supports all DirectX-Compatible Sound and Video Cards


About the game developer: 
My name is Cindy Pondillo and I reside on the web as the mistress of the Mystery Manor Adventure website. A site dedicated to adventure games. We've been around since 2002.
This is game three for me, the first being "Hauntings of Mystery Manor", followed by "Intrigue at Oakhaven Plantation". If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at:



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Comments about the game so far:
I've been playing for a few days now and I have to say its a great game. A good old fashioned point and click, puzzle, adventure game. With a good storyline to boot. Right up my alley and I'm sure most of you that play it will agree. Great job Ghostlady!

What a great game. I just installed it. The movement is really smooth. The cursor moves really nice. You can save anywhere. The puzzles can be skipped also. I received the game in two days.

Received my game yesterday. I am so impressed with the cover art and layout of the CD case! Of course, the game is pretty darned good too... I've been to the Japanese Garden and am working on appeasing the White Goddess.

Absolutely loved your game and stayed up much too late to finish it a few nights. Give us more!

Thanks for sending me this awesome game! I got my copy a few days ago and I was really excited to fire it up for Halloween when I got home from work. The install was very quick and the game is really cool so far. I appreciate that the ghost appearances are unexpected and shocking without being traditional jump-scares. I really hate those.




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